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The following is an excerpt testimonial from 2015's Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) Deadly Nightshades Captain:


"... As you may know, we participated in the GWN Challenge this past weekend [Sept 12 & 13], facing our long-time competitors JETAA Fighting Carps in two exciting races including the Education Cup. While they inched forward to capture the title by 0.23sec this year, we were pleased with our effort and cheered heartily during their medal presentation ~ after all, being one of two teams, the Education Industry Cup lives on thanks to them! In the end, the Deadlies peaked together during our fifth and final race when we surged forward to a personal best of 2:22 in the F Division Grand Final for silver. What a perfect way to cap the season as we've now dubbed it the "Forever Fantastic Friends" division. We made many new friends along the way including strengthened bonds with Coach Stephen's other teams - Ship Storm and Bridgepoint. Also, we were indirectly able to engage in community outreach alongside the Sports Med shift clinical interns from the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic who provided complimentary treatment on site.  Did you know that CCNM students and faculty support multiple sporting events across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) throughout the year?


There was high turnover with the majority of paddlers graduating last year including captain emeritus, Vivian Kwan, and with that, the torch was passed on. In earnest, facilitating the building of a new team came with many learning opportunities and I'm thrilled to have brought together such a diverse group that truly represent and embody the essence of Naturopathic Medicine and its philosophies. That said, with many supports in place and with an enthusiastic, forward-thinking, collaborative team, Tamara Kung is taking on leadership in 2016.  We are in contact for a smooth transition, but I'm certain you will be as great of support for her as you have been for me.



On behalf of the CCNM Deadly Nightshades, endless thank-yous to you Blake, Dhonna, Chrissy and the entire team at SunnysidePC for continuing to reach out. You provided a safe and novel environment for us to connect on the water along the shores of Lake Ontario. It has become one of my favorite spots since moving to Toronto!



We have compiled a YouTube playlist from our Sunnyside practices... There are also ongoing social media posts searchable on Facebook and Instagram via #CCNM #CCNMDeadlyNightshades #dragonboat #naturopathicmedicine #SunnysidePaddlingClub.


All the best ~ in good health and spirits,



CCNM Deadly Nightshades 2015 Captain"




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