SPC Youth Summer Paddling Program 

Small Waves Strong Minds Paddling  (Ages 7 to 17)

The ultimate youth paddling program in the heart of Toronto. The program introduces kids to a variety of paddling disciplines such as kayaks, outrigger canoes, stand up paddle boards (SUP) and Dragon Boat. Our program is built with the guidance of the Canoe and Kayak Canada LTAD (Long term athlete development) plan to ensure our kids focus on developing the proper framework for a life long journey in the sport. The program will have a balance of technical instruction along with fun and play-based learning. Weekend competition opportunities will be provided to campers who wish to get more involved in the sport at no extra fee, however, racing is not a required component of the program.


  • Develop long-term transferable skills such as leadership, teamwork and communication

  • Learn and develop a love for paddling and outdoor activities including outrigger canoes, stand up paddling, kayak, Dragon Boat

  • Build general fitness through speed, strength, endurance and flexibility 

  • Provide a fun and safe learning environment for all participants

  • Provide best coach to participant ratio of 1:6

Have questions or want to learn more about the program? Contact us at youth@sunnysidepc.ca


We are committed to following Public Health Ontario's safety guidelines for pre-program planning and daily program operations. These re-opening guidelines can be found HERE.  All equipment will be sanitized before and after each session. Each session is limited to 6 paddlers to ensure physical distancing practice. Participants will be required to complete an at-home health screen prior to attending each session. Health screens must be submitted prior to attending a registered session.  Please see our full COVID-19 Safety Plan HERE

Outrigger Canoe & Fitness/Movement

Deeply rooterd in Polynesian culture, Outrigger Canoe (Wa'a) is a type of racing canoe that has lateral floats  "ama" which are fastened to the hull/main body to give it stability. The Outrigger Canoe was used by ancient Polynesians as a means of travel in open ocean and is now used for racing around the world. Participants will learn the fundamentals and foundations of paddling, boat control and learn more about the unique culture of canoeing in Hawaiian culture. Opportunities will be available to surf! The dryland fitness component will focus on suppleness, speed and movement literacy (running, jumping, hoping, throwing) 



9:10-9:30AM: WARM UP

9:40-10:40AM: OC



12:30PM: PICK UP

Session 1: July 4,6,8 

Session 2: July 11,13,15 

Session 3: July 18,20,22 

Session 4: July 25,27,29 

Session 5: August 3,5 ($115)

Session 6: August 8,10,12 

Session 7: August 15,17,19 

Session 8: August 22,24,26

Session 9: August 29, 31 Sept 2

-All equipment including life jackets and paddles will be provided. 

-All U17 athletes must wear a non-inflatable Government of Canada approved PFD while engaged in any on-water activity;

-no prior paddling experience needed.

-Participants should be confident swimmers.


$170/Session (Taxes included)


Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

A kayak is a small, narrow watercraft which is typically propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle. Stand up paddle boarding is an outdoor water sport activity in which a rider stands up on a large board and uses a paddle to move through the water. Youth in the program will learn the foundations and fundamentals of paddling and controlling the boats. . 



9:10-9:30AM: WARM UP

9:40-10:40AM: KAYAK


11-12PM: SUP

12:30PM: PICK UP

Session 1: July 5,7  

Session 2: July 12,14 

Session 3: July 19,21 

Session 4: July 26,28 

Session 5: August 2,4 

Session 6: August 9,11

Session 7: August 16,18 

Session 8: August 23,25 

Session 9: August 30, Sept 1

-All equipment including life jackets and paddles will be provided.

-All U17 athletes must wear a non-inflatable Government of Canada approved PFD while engaged in any on-water activity;

-No prior paddling experience needed.

-Participants should be confident swimmers.


$115/SESSION (Taxes included)


U18 Dragon Boat Development Program

Dragon Boat paddling has its roots from ancient myths and legends in China and since then has grown as a sport accessible to all ages, skill and competitive levels. Sunnyside Paddling Club is Canada's largest Dragon Boat club. 

New for 2022 the Sparks Under 18 program is Toronto’s first development paddle program for dragon boat. The program is focused on using the sport of dragon boat and paddling to build better people, from a spark into a flame! Youth 12-18 years of age will develop sport-specific athletic skills unique to their stage of development and goals in a fun and team-based atmosphere culminating in competing at our National Championships and qualifying to represent Canada internationally in 2023.


More specifically, paddlers will be introduced to dryland training focusing on 3 critical training windows; speed, aerobic capacity and strength (LTAD,2009).  At the end of the program paddlers will develop proper paddling technique, a strong aerobic base and core strength. Skills that are transferable to a multitude of other sports and crucial for everyday living.


Summer (June 13 – August 13, 2022)

Monday 5-6:30pm

Wednesday 5-6:30pm

Saturday 11am-12:30pm

*Each session will consist of 60 Minute Dragon Boat/Small Boat Work & 30 Minutes Dryland Training


Toronto Island Dragon Boat Festival June 17,18

Canadian National Dragon Boat Championships August 18-21st, Montreal, Quebec


Racing Season (Summer): $400

Not Included: Transportation and Accommodations (Canadian Nationals)


Register HERE. Program will require 18 paddlers to register.

Youth will have the opportunity to help out at the club on weekdays and weekends to accumulate high school community service hours and gain real-life job training. Once complete, youth can also reduce their fees at a rate of $10 per hour. Limited opportunities available.


All skill levels are welcomed. Interested in the program but times don’t work? Let us know and we can see if we can accommodate.