All teams paddling more than 5 times are required to pay a membership fee plus a per practice rate. Teams that paddle less than 5 times in a year pay a rate of $209 per practice with no membership fee. If you're looking to form a new team we'd love to help you grow! E-mail us at customerservice@sunnysidepc.ca for some special offers and support.


All prices are subject to HST



Dragon Boat Rental Pricing

Membership Fee

Our membership fees are a direct reflection of the fixed costs we have from the City of Toronto for usage of our unparalleled facilities (washroom, changerooms, lockers, showers, storage compound).  As a member you also have access for an additional fee to store your small boat or utilize our small boats.

$25 (Under 11 practices) $35 (Over 11 Practices)

< 11 Practices

$209 per practice

11 to 21 practices

$171 per practice

22 to 42

$133 per practice


$114 per practice

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Discounts, Programs and Exceptions


Youth and Off-Peak Hour Rates

All youth receive 10% off posted rates as well as no membership fees. All teams paddling at off-peak hours receive 10% off posted rates.


Paddling for your first time?

First practice is free and comes with a coach.


*Youth Teams are 80% under 18 or students attending Highschool

**Peak Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday after 6pm and Saturdays 8 to 11am. Off-Peak Hours are all other times


Available Practice Slots

All Slots are 1 hr and 5 mins with 5 minutes transition times between teams.

All Dragonboats off water weekdays by 8:45 p.m. This helps to ensure the safety of our members and staff. During this period standard practice bookings will be 5:20 to 6:25, 6:30-7:35 and 7:40-8:45. Please provide us your feedback on these new booking slots.

Weekends slots are Saturdays starting at 7am and every 1 Hour 10 minutes thereafter.


Significant Dates

A 50% deposit is due on booking and the remainder one-week prior to your first practice. The $500 User fee and 25% of the boat deposit is non-refundable. If an extension is required don’t hesitate to book, let us know and we can accommodate with reason.



Practice Site

1755 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Toronto ON M6S 5A3

(Pay meter parking available on east and west side of Pavilion)


Office Address

Unit 1 - 230 Nantucket Blvd,

Toronto ON M1P 2N9



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