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All teams paddling more than 5 times are required to pay a membership fee plus a per practice rate. Teams that paddle less than 5 times in a year pay a rate of $219 per practice with no membership fee. If you're looking to form a new team we'd love to help you grow! E-mail us at for some special offers and support. The 2024 membership fee is $45+tax per person.


All prices are subject to HST.



Dragon Boat Rental Pricing

# of Practices
Rate Per Practice
22 to 42
11 to 21
< 11

Discounts, Programs and Exceptions


Youth and Off-Peak Hour Rates

All youth receive 10% off posted rates as well as no membership fees. All teams paddling at off-peak hours receive 10% off posted rates.


Paddling for your first time?

First practice is free and comes with a coach.


*Youth Teams are 80% under 18 or students attending Highschool

**Peak Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday after 6pm and Saturdays 8 to 11am. Off-Peak Hours are all other times


Available Practice Slots

All Slots are 1 hr and 5 mins with 5 minutes transition times between teams.

All Dragon boats off water weekdays by 8:45 p.m. This helps to ensure the safety of our members and staff.


During this period, standard practice bookings will be 5:20 to 6:25, 6:30-7:35 and 7:40-8:45.

Weekends slots are Saturdays starting at 7am and every 1 Hour 10 minutes thereafter.


Significant Dates

A 50% deposit is due on booking and the remainder one-week prior to your first practice. The membership fee and 25% of the boat deposit is non-refundable.


If an extension is required don’t hesitate to book, let us know and we can accommodate with reason.

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