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Our club provides outdoor fenced storage space for your boat to the public just steps away from the waterfront. Join our community by storing your boat with us! 

Access is 24/7 through your smart phone via bluetooth lock.

Fees are $382 for water craft with hull width less than 20 inches or Stand up paddle boards and $488 for craft with hulls 20 inches and greater (typically canoes and kayaks)

2023 Update:

2023-02-10 Request for Notice of Intent from returnees

2023-02-24 Due date for move requests from returnees

2023-02-27 Final Assignment for returnee members

2023-03-01 Offer of vacant spaces to new members

2023-03-08 Due date for payment from all storage members

2023-04-29 Club official opening for dragon boat (April 22)

There is currently a waitlist for spots. Prospective boaters can submit the forms below for processing. You will only be contacted if a spot becomes vacant.

Club Membership link here

Storage Program Form here


Have more questions? Email us at



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