Meet Our Youth Coaches


Laura Huang

Laura graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelors of Music Education and continued her studies at York University to complete her Bachelors of Education. She is an enthusiastic educator who strongly believes in promoting a healthy active lifestyle and has completed her Part 1 of the Health and Physical Education certification. She has been an active member of TDESAA (Toronto District Elementary School Athletic Association) since starting her career as a teacher and has coached students in various sporting events (e.g., basketball, volleyball, track and field, etc). With her experiences, she is able to provide inclusive and diverse fitness opportunities for your child that will help them develop their overall physical literacy.


Laura has been paddling for over 6 years with teams such as the University of College Dragon Boat Club, Iron One and Water Vipers. She has also competed at the Club Crew World Championships in Hungary, 2018. Since graduating from the University of Toronto, she has kept an active role in her University's Dragon Boat Team by coaching them on the water every year (2016-Present). In addition, she has helped coach other recreational teams, as well as provide her own students opportunities to learn to paddle at an indoor pool facility (Afterburn) over the past few years.


Sophie MacMillan

Sophie is currently a third-year student in kindergarten and elementary education at the university of McGill. She’s a keen canoe and kayaker and has been paddling from a very young age. She’s worked as a youth paddle instructor at the Boulevard Club in Toronto and taught children the fundamentals of paddling all while providing a fun and safe environment. Sophie’s also enjoyed working as a multi-sport and dramatic arts counsellor at different summer camps throughout the city. She plays on the McGill woman's lacrosse team and is a vice-president of the McGill Ski and Snowboard Club. Some of Sophie’s hobbies include, camping, swimming, alpine ski touring and other activities in the outdoors. By the end of May this year she will have completed two student teaching placements in Montreal, both of which require a leadership role within the classroom with many responsibilities. Sophie’s looking forward to working with the Sunnyside Paddling Club and hoping to help make this a memorable summer for everyone!