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2022 SPC Race Series!

In 2021 SPC launched the SPC Race series in response to the COVID-19 pandemic limiting our ability to train together in one big dragon boat. For 2022 dragon boat has come back roaring and as a result only one race event will be held.

Format: All events except the Warpspeed Wa'a are team-based because competing together is at the heart of our club. Individual can register independently and will be placed in a team.

COVID Restrictions: All events are subject to relevant government and sport governing body regulations at time of event.


Club OC1 - $33.90 includes tax and boat

Open Class - Bring your own Boat (BYOB) = $28.25 includes tax

Open Class - Rent Ultralight = $54.52 includes tax and ultralight rental

Boat Class: All non-motorized craft are welcomed, only boat classes with more than 5 competitors can form a racing class.





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September 3rd 2022

A large portion of our small boats are Hawaiian Outriggers Canoes from Hawaii! Wa'a means Canoe in Hawaiian. To end off the racing series this race will be fast, warp speed fast. Each participant will complete in 200M and 500M distances for the fastest overall times. Launch location: SPC Beach

Warp Speed Wa'a

2021 Race Grid
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