2021 SPC Race Series!

Introducing the inaugural SPC Race Series!

We've put together 4 different team-based events to provide more fun, accountability and that adrenaline rush that comes with the sound of the starters horn!

Format: All events except the Warpspeed Wa'a are team-based because competing together is at the heart of our club. Individual can register independently and will be placed in a team.

COVID Restrictions: All events are subject to relevant government and sport governing body regulations at time of event.

Cost: $20

Boat Class: All non-motorized craft are welcomed, only boat classes with more than 5 competitors can form a racing class.




Questions: customerservice@sunnysidepc.ca

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UHOP Challenge

June 12

UHOP stands for You go from Humber to Ontario Place =) and is a play on the famous IHOP restaurant chain in the USA. Pancakes will be served! This event will see 1 Male and 1 female pair complete one loop of R: 5 or C: 14km per person

Fantastic 4

June 19

The weekend after the long weekend is the real party. Our VA race will pit teams of 2 women and 2 men onto a time-based course of  R: 2km or C: 4km per person. Launching from Sunnyside Beach  (East)

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Life is a Beach


Launching from both Cherry and Woodbine beach 2 men and 2 women will complete R:2km and C:10km courses for the fastest overall time.

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Warp Speed Wa'a

August 21

A large portion of our small boats are Hawaiian Outriggers Canoes from Hawaii! Wa'a means Canoe in Hawaiian. To end off the racing series this race will be fast, warp speed fast. Each participant will complete 200M and 500M distances for the fastest overall times. Launch location: SPC Beach